SNAC time : Small Business Branding with your web Server

Part 2 of 5, SNAC time for your brand-Server

A website is essential today and the 4 SNAC components mentioned earlier are the stepping stones to getting your small business branded site up and running.

If you have a site now then understanding each component can save you cash and improve the effectiveness of your brand online.

A web server is simply a networked computer that stores and sends your website content to a web browser on demand.

There a several types of servers available

  • Social Media Servers-FaceBook, LinkedIN,…
  • Shared Servers-Many accounts sharing networked resources
  • Dedicated Servers-An exclusive computer with its own network access and custom built services

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Small Business Branding–SNAC time

Part 1 of 5, SNAC time for your online Small Business Brand

Small business branding on the web can impact your reputation in positive ways.

Today’s web site must keep up with the trends or risk becoming passed over. Improvements in technology and the recent rise in smartphones bring changes to how websites interact with their audience.

This article is for you if you:

  • have an existing website that is has not been redesigned in the last 2-3 years
  • need to refresh your brand
  • add social media relevance
  • begin a web site for your brand or service

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Built on a WordPress Theme with BootStrap 2, went live with the site in late October 2013. While the content and design are constantly progressing it was decided to launch with and grow the site in the open. Read more ›

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Image of various screen sizes, a photographer portfolio, has been completely redesigned to support RWD.  The site  showcases several hundred images and is built in HTML5 with a customized version of BootStrap 3.

Visit and let us know what you think.

Development for and its blog companion began late summer 2013 and went live 31 Oct 2013. Read more ›

Kayak Rideau Waterway

Image of various screen sizes

Development began in June 2012 and site was live November 2012. This web site aims to create tourism interest in the Rideau/Frontenac areas. Kayaking Rideau is a travelog  that features personal trip details with interactive Google Maps and ample photography. The target audience: kaykers, canoers and adventure tourists engages with first hand experiences in the region.

Challenges included a requirement for responsive web design technologies to enable mobile, smartphone and tablet access for all content. Read more ›

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World’s 2nd Dot Com-BBN

BBN Planet

28 years ago today was the second domain name registered on April 24, 1985.

The Internet was just beginning to grow as a commercial venture.

One of my first paid Internet projects was writing HTML on the Mosaic web browser for BBN Technologies ISP division–BBN Planet–in 1994. This effort was in advance of the world’s earliest ISP being acquired by GTI. This was the very beginning of the commercial Internet.

  • domain was registered on 04-Mar-1995
  • domain was registered on 27-Nov-1996
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It’s like a ticking clock

Project management…

Every second there’s is someone calling, someone coming in to say I want this, I want that, we need it now. Moving a project ahead in a positive way and understanding it is a dynamic process is key. Bringing diverse and powerful interests into alignment to create a meaningful and successful result is the challenge.

…it’s a balancing act of technologies, personalities, priorities, time, resources and patience.

What’s in a company name?

In a global age where names like Google,  Altria, Yahoo! and Yelp are common place it would seem anything goes.

HooPmedia came to be in a circuitous series of events that mirror the growth of the Internet. Google didn’t exist in 1992 when I was building my first multimedia company, FreeWill Interactive. The notion of gathering information from whatever source you chose was a new concept. Information was no longer under the control of a few authorities. Now anyone could publish anything–for better or worse.

Finding a wave and surfing it to freedom is a distinctly Californian approach and caught on as a global trend. As the web globalized the web-surfing concept evolved into the InfoBahn (after the German AutoBahn which has no speed limit) and later when Al Gore commercialize the net, the Information Super Highway.

FreeWill Interactive embodied all these ideas however after enduring endless and exasperating questions about free will from a religious context I changed  the name to Radiant New Media in 1995. Projects included interactive presentations on CD-ROM and early web sites at a time when everything was changing very, very quickly. One of the first major clients was ICE Communications and the creation of BBN Planet prior to its sale to GTE and its further evolution into AT&T’s network, Verizon and beyond.

Marketing managers can now increase the scope of their firm’s marketing communications strategy by adding the Internet to its range of marketing communication channels. Five user patterns: exploratory surfing, window surfing, evolved surfing, bounded navigation and targeted navigation. Steve Muylle, Rudy Moenaert, Marc Despontin – 1999

The emerging WWW and the concepts of hypertext and surfing information were intoxicating. To my mind a simple thought could radiate outwards into the world and that was the essence of world wide web is. Radiant Ideas! Modern mandalas of rich media. Both of these company names to needed explaining rather than capturing the core ideas I thought were so obviously paraphrases of the web concept.

HooPmedia evolved in 1996 and has endured even though I get a lot of requests for basketball statistics. HooPmedia is a personal concept that embodies two of my core technical tools, Hypertext and Object Oriented Programming which I combine with creatively superlative media. I grew up in the Canadian north-west with several generations of family involvement with Canada’s indigenous peoples. As I child I’d seen many hoop dances performed with their powerful drumming and singing. I loved the symbols and stories filled with thundering sounds and swirling circles.  HooPmedia embodies these passions and symbolic stories in an Internet media development scope.

In Feburary 1997, a HooPmedia project, was launched. As that company’s first foray on to the web, it was an exciting project and a great technology product-an interactive whiteboard. I was invited to join TeamBoard’s parent company Egan Visual to build their initial website as well. I produced hundreds of B2B marketing projects and continued to grow the digital technologies for those two companies until the founder suddenly passed away. It was time for me to discover the next big thing.

This new HooPmedia website shares my experiences exploring the power of ideas and the problems of communicating them effectively to an audience. Onwards!

Internet’s First Dot-Com

Mosaic Web Browser

28 years ago today was the first domain registered to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on the 15th of March 1985.

The second domain name, was registered five weeks later on April 24, 1985

It took 2.5 years to reach 100 dot com domains and by 1992, fewer than 15,000 .com domains had been registered. That number has climbed to  144,779,190 as of this post.

On January 17, 1986,  the eighth domain  was registered as to SRI International.  SRI is a nonprofit research institute headquartered in Menlo Park, California with a mission of discovery and application of science and technology for knowledge, commerce, prosperity, and peace. Originally all domains were recorded in a single file–hosts.txt–stored on the server at Stanford Research Institute.

Steve Jobs and the iOS  intelligent personal assistant Siri might just have a relationship here. circa 1997
1. Only six domain names were registered in 1985.
2. is not in the list of top 100 oldest domain
3. was #67.

Unfortunately, the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine only goes back to the mid-90s, but even in 1997, you can see how relatively low-tech looked compared to the snazzy standards we enjoy today.

One of my first paid Internet projects was writing HTML on the Mosaic web browser for BBN Technologies ISP division–BBN Planet–in 1994. This effort was in advance of the world’s earliest ISP being acquired by GTI. This was the very beginning of the commercial Internet.

  • domain was registered on 04-Mar-1995
  • domain was registered on 27-Nov-1996
  • Video: History of the Internet
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20 years today-Mosaic Web browser

The first popular graphical web browser, Mosaic, was released  January 23rd 1993 and I recall using version 0.9 as my major HTML tool in the period.

That revolutionary and exciting browser evolved into the commercial browser NetScape in 1994 and the Internet browser wars were to start a few years later when Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer.

It was amazing time to work in the creative fields as Apple Computers was making computing for the rest of us a reality. I stumbled on to a Macintosh during a photo assignment for the Canadian launch of  the Mac SE.

The Macintosh SE‘s notable new features, compared to its similar predecessor the Macintosh Plus, were:

  • First compact Macintosh with an internal drive bay for a hard disk (originally 20 MB or 40 MB) or a second floppy drive
  • First compact Macintosh that featured an expansion slot (SE stood for “System Expansion”)
  • Used the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB), introduced with the Apple IIGS, for keyboard and mouse interface
  • Improved SCSI support with faster data throughput
  • Better reliability and longer life expectancy due to the addition of a cooling fan

The software program MacDraw featured in our photography and was a vector based drawing application released along with the first Apple Macintosh systems in 1984. The first version of MacDraw was similar to that of MacPaint, featuring both the same tools and patterns. However MacDraw was vector based, meaning that an object’s properties and placement can be changed at any time.

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