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Power Vision Coaching and Consulting

HooPmedia created a custom web design and WordPress Theme, branded elements and new photography to set PowerVision Coaching and Consulting a notch above the competion. A review of existing tools and accounts led to a simplification of services. A busy

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Fast.GeoPhoto.com explores photography tutorials

Built on a WordPress Theme with BootStrap 2, FAST.GeoPhoto.com went live with the GeoPhoto.com site in late October 2013. While the content and design are constantly progressing it was decided to launch with GeoPhoto.com and grow the site in the

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RWD Frameworks

RWD image

Responsive Web Design popped up on my radar in early 2011 when working on an update for Egan.com Once I got my head around the concept there was no looking back. Writing HTML5 in a responsive “Mobile First” approach is

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Egan.com RWD 2012 Gallery

Egan.com Screen Shots 2012 Learn more about the Egan.com site from that period here.

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