Small Business Branding–SNAC time

Part 1 of 5, SNAC time for your online Small Business Brand

Small business branding on the web can impact your reputation in positive ways.

Today’s web site must keep up with the trends or risk becoming passed over. Improvements in technology and the recent rise in smartphones bring changes to how websites interact with their audience.

This article is for you if you:

  • have an existing website that is has not been redesigned in the last 2-3 years
  • need to refresh your brand
  • add social media relevance
  • begin a web site for your brand or service

Keep It Simple Simone

Understanding the basic foundations every online brand requires will make the job faster and easier.

The four pillars of your branded web site are:

  • Server Host (where your website lives. eg GoDaddy)
  • Name of your web site (The domain name address for your site. eg
  • Access to the Internet (How you connect to the Internet. eg WiFi, Bell, Sprint, Internet Service Provider [ISP])
  • Content Management System (The way you write content and manage images. eg by hand, Joomla, WordPress)

This SNAC checklist will help you prioritize the mundane details that are essential to every branded website.

Temptation and haste often lead to buying this SNAC list from a single supplier, most often bundled by the ISP you access the Internet with. However these four pillars are very separate concerns each with its own terms of service and associated costs.  Renewal and contract restrictions can be a real road block when it’s time to refresh your site. You may discover the costs are much higher than they should be. For example your personal Internet Domain Name can cost as little as a few dollars a year or as much as $75 annually for exactly the same services.

Review your current SNAC components and become familiar with how they function together and where the best suppliers are and what to pay. It is not difficult though it will take some time to digest some of the technicalities. This series of technical marketing topics hoes to help pave the way.

Subsequent articles will offer a detailed discussion of the SNACs. HooPmedia also offers a Small Business Branding Makeover (SBM) package.

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