Power Vision Coaching and Consulting

PowerVision Coaching & Consulting is the web home for Athena Westlaken’s Career Coaching practice.

Summary HooPmedia created a custom web design and WordPress Theme, branded elements and new photography to set PowerVision Coaching and Consulting a notch above the competion. A review of existing tools and accounts led to a simplification of services.

Backstory A busy professional with plenty of distraction, Athena found managing her websites was turning into burden rather than a joy. She needed to update her brand and bring all her web projects together under one tool. It all seemed overwhelming.

Problem With her domain name up for renewal and the hosting company raising rates it was an ideal time to review the situation. The server based web template, used for editing the company pages, was easy to use but very restrictive in design options making it nearly impossible to create a strong brand statement. The blog had a completely different set of themes, tools and URL.

Outcome After a review of her content and service providers, we decided to simplify things. The brand, domain and all content (including the blog) were unified under the single branded Domain Name–PowerVison Coaching and Consulting. It was vital that editing be as easy and intuitive as possible. The writing tools in WordPress are familiar to MS Word or Apple Pages users. With a little bit of hand holding, Athena was up and running quickly.

Reflection PowerVision and Consulting was a really interesting project and presented an opportunity to hone custom web design and WordPress theme development skills. A custom plug-in was created to support custom colors and Call-To-Action buttons which further supports the brand, keeping the content professional and unique.

The colour palette was optimized for web by selecting trending colours from Pantone, and converting them to code. Orchid becomes #ae72ae and is easily defined in the WordPress editor with the shortcode [orchid].

By turning on sharing features, Athena is able to send her new articles to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN at scheduled times. While managing her own server is a bit challenging at times, sharing her stories and helping clients is more rewarding than ever. 

Short codes make it easy to add branded color to content.

[moss] Text to style green. [/moss]

– style the text branded green

[orchid] Text to style purple. [/orchid]

– style the text branded purple


– generate a stylized rule branded green

[btn-orchid] link [/btn-orchid]

– generate a stylized button branded purple

The Gallery below shows a few before and after comparisons as well the underlying Responsive Design of the site. Whether on a laptops, tablet or smartphone, PowerVision Coaching and Consulting is welcoming to all. (Click an image to start the slide presentation.)

Visit PowerVison Coaching and Consulting.

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