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Design Podcasts

Ideas come from everywhere and anywhere. One of my most relaxing sources for inspiration is listening to podcasts. Great design is delightful and magical and most of the time invisible. Days after my post about a book I self-published, about

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World’s 2nd Dot Com-BBN

BBN Planet

28 years ago today was the second domain name registered on April 24, 1985. The Internet was just beginning to grow as a commercial venture. One of my first paid Internet projects was writing HTML on the Mosaic web

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What’s in a company name?

In a global age where names like Google,  Altria, Yahoo! and Yelp are common place it would seem anything goes. HooPmedia came to be in a circuitous series of events that mirror the growth of the Internet. Google didn’t exist in

Internet’s First Dot-Com

Mosaic Web Browser

28 years ago today was the first domain registered to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on the 15th of March 1985. The second domain name, was registered five weeks later on April 24, 1985 It took

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20 years today-Mosaic Web browser

The first popular graphical web browser, Mosaic, was released  January 23rd 1993 and I recall using version 0.9 as my major HTML tool in the period. That revolutionary and exciting browser evolved into the commercial browser NetScape in 1994 and

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