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Design Podcasts

Ideas come from everywhere and anywhere. One of my most relaxing sources for inspiration is listening to podcasts. Great design is delightful and magical and most of the time invisible. Days after my post about a book I self-published, about

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Language of Color

Color of the Year Marsala

Color is risky business Because color is so subjective, it can easily lead to difficult remarks like the one above. There are safe colors embedded in the brand if it is well established. What do you do when it’s a

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Built on a WordPress Theme with BootStrap 2, went live with the site in late October 2013. While the content and design are constantly progressing it was decided to launch with and grow the site in the

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Image of various screen sizes, a photographer portfolio, has been completely redesigned to support RWD.  The site  showcases several hundred images and is built in HTML5 with a customized version of BootStrap 3. Visit and let us know what you think. Development for

RWD Frameworks

RWD image

Responsive Web Design popped up on my radar in early 2011 when working on an update for Once I got my head around the concept there was no looking back. Writing HTML5 in a responsive “Mobile First” approach is

Tagged with: , , , 2000 Gallery Screen Shots between 2001 and 2002. Learn more about the site from that period here.