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Responsive Web Design popped up on my radar in early 2011 when working on an update for

Once I got my head around the concept there was no looking back. Writing HTML5 in a responsive “Mobile First” approach is quite involved so I was delighted to stand on the shoulders of some great coders and especially Luke Wroblewski. Luke inspired a number of pre-built HTML, CSS and JavaScript projects bundled into an easy to use framework. A number of these emerging frameworks were explored before settling in on Bootstrap as the tool I would focus on.

Twitter Bootstrap is a front-end development framework for creating desktop and mobile web applications. Bootstrap started as an internal project at Twitter but soon became an open source project, one of the most active on GitHub with over 300 contributors. Foundation was a close second but BootStraps overall appearance and clear CSS conventions won out for the projects I was planning at the time.

RWD frameworks reviewed in 2011-2 included:


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