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Power Vision Coaching and Consulting

HooPmedia created a custom web design and WordPress Theme, branded elements and new photography to set PowerVision Coaching and Consulting a notch above the competion. A review of existing tools and accounts led to a simplification of services. A busy

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Australian Eco-Tech Solutions Landing Page

Mobile "Home" page for AET landing page

 To launch the new product line a landing page was required to help support supplier meetings, develop new markets and invite customers.  Andrew Beveridge, a brillant entrepreneur with global connections in the education marketplace saw an opportunity to leverage his supplier

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Built on a WordPress Theme with BootStrap 2, went live with the site in late October 2013. While the content and design are constantly progressing it was decided to launch with and grow the site in the

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Image of various screen sizes, a photographer portfolio, has been completely redesigned to support RWD.  The site  showcases several hundred images and is built in HTML5 with a customized version of BootStrap 3. Visit and let us know what you think. Development for

Kayak Rideau Waterway

Image of various screen sizes

Development began in June 2012 and site was live November 2012. This web site aims to create tourism interest in the Rideau/Frontenac areas. Kayaking Rideau is a travelog  that features personal trip details with interactive Google Maps and ample photography.

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View the gallery of screen shots from the NeoCon 2012 launch to see how the final site looked. Site features: Responsive Web Design WordPress Content Management Multiple ways to navigate: Dual Product Sliders on home page Dropdown menus Hidden “Tabzilla” style Resources

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TeamBoard is an international concern in 2010. Partners and dealers around the world need local versions of the brochures and website customized for their markets. A number of solutions are considered however the Joomla content management system and framework is

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Time to update the flagship web site The bright colors used on the website in 2000 were now dated and a new product “EganSystem Metallic” led the brand to a very clean white look. The changes were largely cosmetic for

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Egan PowerX Launch 2003

TeamBoard is an interactive whiteboard used in presentations and education with global market presence. TeamBoard can be used with any presentation software however explaining and teaching how was expensive and alternatives were sought. In 2003 a variant of the TeamBoard

Tagged with: , , , , 2002 Gallery Screen Shots circa 2001-2. at this stage was a fairly complex LAMP (Linux operating system, Apache webserver, MySQL database and PHP code framework) site. Learn more about the site from that period here.

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