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Mobile "Home" page for AET landing page

Australian industry leader of environmentally sustainable products, Australian Eco-Tech Solutions Pty Ltd, is dedicated to the design and supply of end to end solutions facility managers demand.

Collaborating with a busy Australian team from our base in Toronto, Canada was surprisingly easy. 12 hour time difference actually was a plus. While one side slept the other worked.

Summary:  To launch the new product line a landing page was required to help support supplier meetings, develop new markets and invite customers.

Backstory: Andrew Beveridge, a brillant entrepreneur with global connections in the education marketplace saw an opportunity to leverage his supplier relationships to expand his offering beyond the classroom. Energy saving LEDs and recycled plastic extrusions could be brought to market to bring cost and environment improvements to the entire education facility. Taking the project online at an early stage presented a distraction.

Problem:   With many aspects of the new venture still evolving the home on the web was languishing without direction.

Solution: Recognizing that the principals of the company were traveling internationally, building relationships and opportunities on the ground, a simple landing page was proposed. To capture and collaborate on development, Google Apps were employed. Mock-ups were prepared as simple wireframes in Google Presentation and shared with the developers and client.

Google Docs collaborations screen AET site

Collaborating design across thousands of miles and nearly opposite time zones is surprising simple with the right tools. (Review the gallery below, click an image for a detailed slide show.)

Approvals: Screen layout preference was lightening fast to reveal. Editing copy was easy too. Google Apps provide clear commentary from all participants. Details were quickly sorted out and approvals in text beside each element and screen were clear. Production proceeded quickly and the site was ready in just a few weeks.

Outcome:  The landing page works great on mobile, tablet and desktop with simple “Call-To-Action”–Connect with us now. The page also presented product lines and the company story.

Reflection:  The simple landing page is doing its job. The company is growing rapidly and several other web projects are developing to support specific opportunities with relationship management and product catalog.

Google Apps–wireframe ideas to stimulate conversation, ideas and collaboration

The customer defined their basic needs for the landing page:

  • Web site is B2B and non public facing
  • After launch – minimal editing
  • Self managed content and server
  • Currently WordPress but open to anything easy to self manage
  • No IT department so require low-technology footprint
  • Online product catalog by late summer ‘15
  • Hundreds of products in 4-5 primary groups (3-4 sub groups each)
  • No e-commerce or customer logins expected
  • Low frequency editing

 Gallery of Screens

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