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Egan Binder 2K

Egan Visual has offered visual communication tools to the Contract Office Furniture Industry since 1967.

As a business to business B2B enterprise, marketing has been at the core of the business from the very beginning. Egan sells to companies including Google, Boeing and the US Government via a team of highly professional independent local Representative firms. The products are not available in retail or general consumers so the Product Catalog Binder is the store.

On the wall. Off the wall.  On the Edge.

The product roster in 2000 began to include products like the PowerPlane workstations that were not wall mounted visual-boards and TeamBoard offered leading edge technology. The binder redesign brings all those new evolutionary changes to the brand in a big way.

Product Catalog Binder is the store

The product roster is constantly renewing with tertiary products falling into Custom Response or removed entirely. Each year new products are introduced and not all survive to become core products. This makes for a great deal of dynamic change which for analog print projects can be very expensive very quickly. Print brochures are optimally printed in large quantities to reduce their individual unit costs. Further these hard copies need to be sent into the field and introduced to the Interior Design marketplace.

Managing change, refreshing and maintaining brand was a central aspect of my work with Egan over 16 years of full time work. The binder and web sites were central to creating the new content but were far from the only activities that Egan required to go to market year in-year out. There is a gallery of images of the binder and contents here.

Some of the more interesting brochures and projects related to the binder:

  • PowerPlane Introduction–including metallic ink
  • TeamBoard Education–content rethink
  • EganINK Inroduction–new opportunities that need explanation
  • EganWall Introduction–product concept through development to production
  • Product Showcase with 3 page gatefolds



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