20 years today-Mosaic Web browser

The first popular graphical web browser, Mosaic, was released  January 23rd 1993 and I recall using version 0.9 as my major HTML tool in the period.

That revolutionary and exciting browser evolved into the commercial browser NetScape in 1994 and the Internet browser wars were to start a few years later when Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer.

It was amazing time to work in the creative fields as Apple Computers was making computing for the rest of us a reality. I stumbled on to a Macintosh during a photo assignment for the Canadian launch of  the Mac SE.

The Macintosh SE‘s notable new features, compared to its similar predecessor the Macintosh Plus, were:

  • First compact Macintosh with an internal drive bay for a hard disk (originally 20 MB or 40 MB) or a second floppy drive
  • First compact Macintosh that featured an expansion slot (SE stood for “System Expansion”)
  • Used the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB), introduced with the Apple IIGS, for keyboard and mouse interface
  • Improved SCSI support with faster data throughput
  • Better reliability and longer life expectancy due to the addition of a cooling fan

The software program MacDraw featured in our photography and was a vector based drawing application released along with the first Apple Macintosh systems in 1984. The first version of MacDraw was similar to that of MacPaint, featuring both the same tools and patterns. However MacDraw was vector based, meaning that an object’s properties and placement can be changed at any time.

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