SNAC time: Branding with Content Management Systems

Part 5 of 5, SNAC time for your brand-Content

Getting your brand online requires coding your information so browsers can display it properly

Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to help you write your web content without having to learn the code behind it. Additionally they will offer image library tools and suitable templates to speed your development. There are literally 100’s of quality CMS available for every type of business need.

The top CMS you should understand

  • Web Templates from your ISP or Web Host
  • WordPress
  • JoomLa
  • Drupal

Web Templates

Bundled web templates are a fast and easy way to get started. These basic tools are like questionnaires you fill out and when done reveal a website. They can be helpful setting focus and get you running quickly however they are generic so your competition may be using them as well. Your brand needs to differentiate and probably needs flexibility that these templates do not provide.

WordPress Themed CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Internet with 14% of pages using it. Not just a blogging tool WordPress is a very friendly yet sophisticated web publishing system. There are thousands of themes and capability plug-ins available in free or premium formats. offers free hosting packages to get you started. WordPress is used by BBC America, New York Times and Georgia State University

JoomLa Themed CMS

Joomla is a very popular CMS tool for Internet Design companies as it helps them create unique sites very quickly while providing page editability for non coding end users. There are thousands of themes and capability plug-ins available in free or premium formats. Joomla is used by eBay, United Nations and IKEA

Drupal Themed CMS

Drupal is probably the most powerful of the CMS mentioned and is favoured by developers who need highly advanced tools. There are thousands of themes and capability plug-ins available in free or premium formats. Drupal is used by The Economist, and The White House.

Each of the CSM enjoy strong developer support and fulfill different needs. This infographic offers a good comparison.

Sometimes its better to just keep things simple and let an expert team review and execute your plan a few times a year. A small business branding makeover (SBM) from HooPmedia might make sense for your brand.

Review all the SNAC for branding articles.

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  1. Geo says:

    I’d like to mention that there are other great content managers out there that solve a lot of the SNAC problems all at once: hosts Domain Name/Custom Themes for a very affordable price. Highly recommended if you don’t want to worry about running your own server. is another really great service that hosts Domain Name/Custom Themes. This is a premium service and worth every cent. It can take a while to understand how it works but there is tremendous power there and really great support 24/7 voice and email.

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